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Land of confusion, 2014.


    Land of confusion, 2014.

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    Let go-《放》

    Creative Performances

    2014- Shanghai Volkswagen new Polo, listed Party / ChengDou .China

    受邀上海大众汽车品牌 于成都 New Polo -新青年-上市派对" 300人 大型互动创作

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    Jerome Herr is a 39 year old from Luxembourg who does IT work in a museum. After finishing high school in 1995 he was interested in 3D computing and computer arts but at the time he was unable to study it. When he discovered Processing last year, he was amazed. Using Processing he could finally take advantage of his logical and creative sides. For now, he does his creative coding as a hobby but who knows what the future holds. He posts his work on Tumblr as p5art.


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    Eric Petersen is a methodical, calculated artist. He opts to work digitally to remove any personalized evidence of the human touch. He chooses the colors of his works like a scientist dropping carefully-measured chemicals into a vile: The intended effect of these contrasting, bright shades, says Petersen, is one of unsettlement. He sets up compositions that are at once harmonious and jarring. Geometric shapes appear to slice through his planes with razor sharp precision of placement. Yet their rhythmic arrangements give his work a sense of harmony, even while the electric blue, neon yellow and sunset orange hues simultaneously vie for viewers’ attention. See more on Hi-Fructose.

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